Obama and Israel, the lighter side

The last few months have been trying. The state department has released a steady stream of leaks to the press to undermine Bibi and his election campaign, some of which are true but everyone knows, others more dubious.

The Israeli public saw through these, but crucially, did the US public see through them ?

Since Bibi's win, a seething Obama, known in Washington only for his tantrums these days, has issued further leaks. Some of them make frightening reading for the American people, e.g. "Israel is spying on the nuclear talks with Iran and leaking secrets to congress". Firstly, of course Israel is spying on those talks, its a existential threat, duh! Probably not via US sources but other parties to the talks. Secondly, and more frightening, is the fact that Obama wants to keep congress, and by implication the American people, in the dark as well as attempting to ride roughshod over them.

So here is what you may not be hearing. I have been extensively reading the US media, and also talkbacks, and this is what I can report. Except for a hard core of democrats and US media outlets (e.g. the NY times) who vociferously hate Bibi, almost as much as Haaretz and its supporters, the US public is overwhelmingly in support of Israel & Bibi. The hatred of Obama is apparent and I have read astonishing things. From multiple people in multiple cases I have ready that Bibi should run for president, amazing !. I have read that Obama's Iran policy is a danger to everyone. I have read that Obama's policy of annoying and undermining friends (Egypt, Israel, Saudi, etc.) at the expense of enemies will never be forgiven.

Obama gave a TV advert on Iranian TV promising jobs and US support. Immediately after Ali Khamenei repeated his call for death to America, apparently a comment that did not "disturb" the state department.

John Boehner is visiting Israel this week. There can be no doubt about why. John McCain is talking about withdrawing support for the UN and the PA if Obama withdraws crucial support for Israel in the UN.

Don't be under any misapprehension, the US public still overwhelmingly supports Israel, and Israels' friends in the US are in the majority and are prepared to strike back, as much for their own interests as for Israel.

We are not alone. Be calm! Kol Tov!